Mattias Lindblad

Mattias Lindblad graduated in Naval Architecture from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, 2010. Since then, his career has taken him on assignments around Europe, down to the Congo, and aboard rocking oil rigs. Now he has landed at Ragn-Sells and Högbytorp as Production Manager for the unique new Ash2®Salt plant.

04 Jun 2021

– When I heard about the new plant to be built at Högbytorp, I was curious and thought that it would probably suit me, says Mattias, Production Manager at Ragn-Sells.

His keen interest in the operation and development of factories was acquired as an engineer at Forsmarks Kraftgrupp and as a consultant for Lloyd’s Register. As a consultant, he toured factories and plants in Europe and Africa to commission and troubleshoot large machines for various industries.

– It was a great school and taught me a lot about what different plants do and how operations work. That time laid the foundation for why I enjoy working with large factories so much.

When Mattias heard about the construction of Ragn-Sells’ new Ash2Salt plant, he was working for E.ON’s new biogas plant, which went into operation in 2018, next door to Ragn-Sells in Högbytorp.

The job for E.ON has many similarities to the one Mattias has now taken on for Ragn-Sells. Once again, this involves being responsible for all of production and the operation of a large high-tech recycling plant, and both also convert waste into valuable new resources.

Mattias says that much of his drive comes to the fore in starting up this kind of major project, and he considers it a privilege to have had the opportunity to do it twice already.

This autumn, much of his focus will be on putting together the workforce that will run the plant when it becomes operational at some stage in mid-2022.

– It will of course be great when the plant is ready, but before then I have the important task of getting together a good team with whom I will run the plant, says Mattias.

Asked what he thinks his colleagues think of him as a manager, he replies:

– A clear strength is that I am solution-oriented, which you have to be in a project like this. There may be many obstacles along the way. I try to stay calm and methodically prioritise solutions to ensure progress, even in slightly more stressful situations, which many people appreciate, Mattias concludes.