Inside COP26 with Pär Larshans

During COP26, Ragn-Sells hosted and participated in various sessions where circular material flows were in focus. In this video series Ragn-Sells Director of Sustainability Pär Larshans, who was on site, sums up the most important happenings from the conference as well as our own participation.

18 Nov 2021

During the 2-week long climate summit, Pär Larshans recorded daily reports from inside COP26 (every day except Sunday 7th, which was the 'day off' for the conference). See the daily recordings (around 4 minutes each) and a longer (11 minutes) summary below.  

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November 12

November 11

November 10

November 9

November 8

November 6

November 5

November 4

November 3

November 2

November 1