Ragn-Sells express support for clean phosphorus ambitions

Ragn-Sells Group would like to express its support for the high ambitions for sustainable and circular phosphorus production set by its German partner Gelsenwasser AG.

02 Jun 2022

In 2017, Germany passed into law a requirement that the nutrient phosphorus be recovered from sewage sludge. Ragn-Sells innovation subsidiary EasyMining has developed the Ash2Phos technology, which extracts more than 90 percent of the phosphorus present in the ashes from incinerated sludge. This technology is the foundation for the partnership with Gelsenwasser AG.

The final product will be cleaner than any mined phosphorus on the market today. Still, EU legislation prohibits its use in several applications, like organic farming or as feed phosphate, since the original sludge is classified as a waste.

Ragn-Sells Group strongly believes that only the quality of a product should be decisive for its marketing possibilities. Our view is that authorities should set technology-neutral quality criteria, based on up-to-date science.

We would also like to stress the need for support from society for technology with the capacity to sort out heavy metals and other pollutants, such as the Ash2Phos method.

We are very proud over our partnership with Gelsenwasser and give their high ambitions our full support.

Lars Lindén
CEO, Ragn-Sells Group

Jan Svärd
CEO, EasyMining