Associated companies

Ragn-Sells has ownership interests in several innovation companies.


EasyMining Sweden sells innovative processes and products that deliver benefits. Their customers are in the phosphate- or waste treatment industries, as well as in the metal processing industries. EasyMining has long experience in separation techniques and chemical methods for extraction and separation. 

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Chromafora is a leader in disruptive water purification and offers an efficient technology for selective heavy metal separation to a global market. They offer customers a tailored technology, SELMEXT™ (Selective Metal Extraction), to handle waste solution streams, like industrial wastewater and AMD.

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Massoptimering is a knowledge company specialized in the vast and undeveloped management arising in connection with the excavated materials. The company's unique knowledge about recycling in the construction industry makes them experts at helping you organize the way your material is recycled and disposed of. 

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